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Plugin Cinema 4D

R22 R23 R24 R25 2023

Ajoute une multitude de nouveaux modes de sélection de polygones et points.
v 1.13 : Correction sélection de polygones de même taille
v 1.12 : Sélection par surface similaires
v 1.11 : Support des arêtes pour la sélection alternative
v 1.10 : Compatible R23.
v 1.9 : Correction des traductions.
v 1.8 : Ajout de la sélection par miroir.
Sélectionner les polygones de même orientation

Sélectionne les polygones ayant la même orientation que le polygone sélectionné.

Sélectionner les éléments alternativement

Sélectionne les polygones, arêtes ou points à intervalle régulier à partir de la sélection active.

Sélectionner un polygone sur 2, 1 sur 3, 2 sur 4...

Sélectionner les polygones de même taille

Sélectionne tous les polygones ayant plus ou moins le même périmètre que le polygone sélectionné.

Sélectionner les triangles

Sélectionne tous les triangles de l'objet actif.

Sélectionner les quadrangles

Sélectionne tous les quadrangles de l'objet actif.

Sélectionner les n-gones

Sélectionne tous les n-gones de l'objet actif.

Sélectionner jusqu'à l'indice

Sélectionne tous les polygones ou tous les points d'indice inférieur au polygone/point sélectionné d'un objet ou d'une spline.

Sélectionner les contours

Sélectionne tous les contours de l'objet actif.

Sélectionner les éléments adjacents

Sélectionne les polygones ou les points adjacents à la sélection active.

Sélectionner jusqu'à la position

Sélectionne les points ou les polygones ayant une position supérieure ou inférieure à un point donné.

Sélection aléatoire

Sélectionne les points ou les polygones de façon aléatoire. Un facteur chance permet de sélectionner plus ou moins d'éléments. Il est également possible de sélectionner un nombre précis d'éléments.

Sélection par miroir

Sélectionne les points, arêtes ou polygones opposés par rapport à l'axe de l'objet.

Sélectionner les points isolés

Sélectionne les points n'appartenant à aucun polygone.

Sélectionner les surfaces similaires

Sélectionne les surfaces ayant la même aire.

Les plus récents
Mr Thank you. I've done it, everything works as before. Thank you for your response, and thank you for the plugin. 05 Mai 2024 12:20
César Vonc Hello,
I combined many plugins into one because of a C4D Python plugin limitation count (
C4D cannot have more than 50 plugin of each type (Object, Tag, Command, etc.). With the previous Selection plugins tools, there was 12 Command plugins "just" to manage selections. For some people who have already many other plugins, this exceeded their maximum plugins count and just cannot use the Selections plugins or break other plugins.

Now it takes only 1 plugin count for all the tools. I don't like this neither because it adds clicks but Maxon don't planned to change this Python plugin limitation count... :-(

BUT, there is a "scripts" folder in the Vonc Suite plugin folder wich contains the selections scripts. If you open the Script manager (shift + F11) you can import these scripts and lauch then separately, and even add shortcut for each script if you want.

I hope it help.
04 Mai 2024 23:46
Hello. Thank you for your plugin. But please explain to me, why did you remove the ability to use each individual tool of the plugin independently? Now it's one huge window with the need for additional confirmation of action. Don't you have an option with a normal, human plugin, rather than this horror? Thank you. I use it for Cinema 4D 2024.
04 Mai 2024 22:15
Givas Is it support C4D 2024 ? 06 Avril 2024 17:29
Smolak It would be great to have "opposite too" for selecting by normal. 23 Janvier 2024 23:16
César Vonc Smolak : the plugin is now updated. 26 Juillet 2023 11:40
César Vonc Thanks for the report, an update is in progress. The area calculation will be remake too. 25 Juillet 2023 17:22
Smolak Selections by polygon size have trouble selecting smaller polygons which are adjacent to larger ones. It select neighbor edges too - it cause errors. 22 Juillet 2023 16:04
César Vonc Salut,
Oui, tu trouveras dans le dossier du plugin un dossier "scripts" qui contient les commandes à exécuter en tant que script.
01 Juillet 2023 22:16
Jacqueline Bonsoir César, est il possible d'appeller les commandes via un script python (par ex Select Contour) ?
J'ai des milliers de meshes à process je pense que çà pourrait me faire gagner un peu de temps..
(je confirme pour les autres, this plugin (v1.12) works well in C4D 2023...)
01 Juillet 2023 21:51
Smolak Hi, Selections doesn't respect hidden polygons - it select even hidden ones. 20 Janvier 2023 21:29
César Vonc Awei : I already tried, but when the C4D alignment normal fail, it's because of edges sharing more than 2 polygons, so it's a mesh problem. 09 Décembre 2022 23:57
César Vonc Hello, I don't have installed the R23 yet, but normally it's compatible. 09 Décembre 2022 23:52
Henrik Hi!

I'm new to cinema and coming from modo I miss some selection tools. Your plugin seems great. Will there be a version for 2023?
09 Décembre 2022 15:14
Awei Hello, I am here again to leave a message, can you add support to quickly select the reverse normal, sometimes when importing the external model in C4D, there are many faces that are inverted, sometimes using the alignment normal of C4D is useful, most of the cases are not, so you want to add the function of recognizing the reverse normal. I hope you can reply to me. Thanks again 24 Novembre 2022 14:47
César Vonc Greggerz : Normally it's already compatible R21.

Sova : There is a "scripts" folder inside the plugin that you can import into the Script Manager to use the selections tools separately or with a custom command.

Person : Hello, it's possible if you start by selecting all the loops and then select all 16 on 32, with an offset of 0 or 16 according to your need :
But selecting all the loop might be not a time saving. :-p Maybe you can select all the edges and then unselect the vertical ones, it might be quicker to get all the loops selected.
06 Octobre 2022 08:54
Person Hello! Thank you for this. Is it possible to select every other edge loop? — — I can't figure out how; Vonc only selects individual edges. 06 Octobre 2022 01:17
sova Is it possible to somehow pull out the SÉLECTIONNER LES ÉLÉMENTS ALTERNATIVEMENT script separately so that it works? 22 Août 2022 16:38
Sam Your Tool is awesome, so great!But There is a bug, Some lost texture tags can't be removed, especially when you put some objects below Null. 30 Juin 2022 12:02
Greggerz How can I get the r21 Version? 10 Mars 2022 18:29
César Vonc The Surface mode selection is now implemented !
It allows to select the surfaces with the same area.
06 Janvier 2022 21:57
César Vonc Thanks, it's a very nice idea ! 25 Décembre 2021 11:48
thanks you It would be great to see this expanded to mesh selection as well. For instance if you have a lot of nuts and bolts in a scene and you want to select them, it would be great to run a script which will automatically find similar meshes and select them. This way you can do things like rename them all, group them, apply a material to them or even replace them. Here's one for Maya which is great and what I'm referring to. 25 Décembre 2021 11:31
César Vonc Thanks, with wich selection tool do you have weird results ? 07 Décembre 2021 17:15
thx Very handy tool, it seems to work well with polygons but I get some weird results with points. Try selecting every other point on a plane or sphere(1:2:0)
I just wanted to say thanks anyway
07 Décembre 2021 16:16
César Vonc Glad to know it wokrs fine, HardeNNN :-) 30 Novembre 2021 22:52
César Vonc Hello, it's a very interesting point, I think indeed that modeling tools are a bit "forsaken" in C4D, maybe because other modeling techniques take the lead, lile sculpting softwares or many new CAD software that come out.
Sometimes C4D has the tool but not the ergonomy, like the axis tool, the UV tools are a bit better on R25 but still bad in comparaison to other softwares.
I will check your ideas, thanks
30 Novembre 2021 22:49
akramFex Hello Cesar, your plugins/scripts are awesome, as you know the modeling community is in desperate of such tools( C4d users), i have a suggestions of maybe future plugins or scripts that i think would be a game changer
- as you know c4d has a live symmetry buildin on its sculpting tools, imagine if you could use that with all modeling tools or at least with the live selection tool, that would be a game changer, adding some twerk to that basic symmetry functionality because it lacks edje selection for example, this tool if implemented it would triomphe over maya snappi symmetry tool by far in my opinion.

- slide tool does not work properly when selecting multiple edge loops which is a bummer, even if you manage the first plugin you will have this kind off things to deal with that will force to select one by one.

- comup with some snapping tool that is fast and one when you dont have to use top or else view for precision.

- last thing is the Axis, its a mess when you work on a complicated projects, the center tool most of the time does not work, maybe something that overrides everything and focus mainly on the seleted object or component.

Keep in mind that c4d is not going to implement or try to improve any modeling tools as we see the work path they are on currently, most of these should've have been implemented eons ago, so you and the community is all what we have left, i personally love c4d and don't want to change it for 3ds or maya but everything has its limits, maxon dont listen to its user's and thats a sad thing maybe you and your fellow programming geniuses will listen to us, Much love keep killing it.
28 Novembre 2021 07:34
HardeNNN btw thank you for the tools, pretty cool & useful! 28 Novembre 2021 00:55
HardeNNN I deleted that file and everything works fine now. 28 Novembre 2021 00:53
HardeNNN Getting this error on R24, any fix?
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R24\plugins\Vonc Suite\Cvonclicence.pypv", line 364, in <module>
File "C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R24\plugins\Vonc Suite\Cvonclicence.pypv", line 320, in __init__
File "C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R24\plugins\Vonc Suite\Cvonclicence.pypv", line 87, in __init__
28 Novembre 2021 00:48
César Vonc Hello, if you install in both plugin folders they will be a collision, you need to install in one of them. There is also a number of plugins limitation in C4D, check the Extension > Console >PYthon tab to see more. 14 Novembre 2021 12:54
Guest I did everything as in the instructions, but Cinema 4D R25 does not see the plugin. Installed both in the App Data plugins folder and in the plugins folder of the Cinema itself. Even through Insydium Bridge does not work 14 Novembre 2021 09:54
Akimov Sorry, I mistyped, those "PLA" should be "PSR". 31 Octobre 2021 10:50
Akimov The recording tool is Cappuccino in cinema 4d, which record in real time, and require Key Reducer to reduce keys.

For achieve this, I start to learn C++ for cinema 4d by watching Kent Barber's tut. For the coding, I think if I can get the camera's front vector and assign speed when pushing WASD. I'm just not sure if there is laggy problem like in Virtual Walkthough.

For I'm a rookie in coding, I hope the simple version should be like this.

There are Activation Button, Speed Scale(mm,cm,dm,m,10m),Recording Button,Recording Rate.
When activate the Tag,hold right mouse in the scene, WASD and QE for movement like in UE4, scroll to adjust speed in current Speed Scale.
However keyboard is only for navigating during work, but the core is to controll with a controller to make a cinematic cam track.

I create a null in front of camera, make it cam's child.
Enable Recording Button, recording will start when camera moves, and record from current frame.
Create a null object in the front of cam, make it cam's child.
During recording, cam and null's PSR will be recorded.
If I record in 30hz, movement is kinda shaky,I use Key Reducer to reduce the key.

Convert camera and null's PLA to spline, and make camera and null align to path.Make null the target of the camera.
Now I can not only smooth the movement, but ajust the path.

In this way, just with a controller I can quickly make very complecated movement.
Combine with other tools, we can even simulate inertial, camera shake.
31 Octobre 2021 10:48
Akimov Yes yes! It's called Virtual Walkthough, I know this from a Linda camera tutorial. However it runs kinda laggy. Since 2015 when I recorded some shortfilm in Battlefield 4 with a player made CinematicTool, I found it is so good to make camera movement with a xbox controller. Recently I begin to learn UE4 to make games. When I modify the map, it is hard to navigate in a factory scene. So combine the experience in Battlefield, I imagine a camera tag tool in cinema 4d, not only get smooth movement from keyboard or controller, but with a custom rate of recording. If we record in 240hz, we can stretch the keys to make movement slower, if we record in 5hz, we can convert camera PLA to cubic spline, and ajust the track with ease. And I believe it will be super helpful to quickly make realistic cinematic cam with good result, refering to my and other's Battlefield shortfilms. 31 Octobre 2021 09:44
César Vonc I found it, it was called "Virtual Walkthrough" and it seems to be removed in the R23.. :-/ 30 Octobre 2021 19:51
César Vonc Hello, it's a nice idea indeed ! I am pretty sure that it already exist in C4D original features but don't remember where, it was made for architect to present interiors in first person mode, like a fps game, even with collisions ! But the record feature would be nice indeed, maybe it also already exist in the Animation > Record tab ? I am searching. 30 Octobre 2021 19:17
Akimov Hi, Monsieur Vonc. I've been thinkg of a Camera Tag plugin which can control camera with WASD in real time, which is super useful for making huge scene. Is it possible for you to make such a Tag? I used to make video game shortfilms in Battlefield with it's Frostbite Engine, find super handy to control camera with a controller. If we can control cameras in C4D like that and record the track it would be a bliss for making cinema 4d camera animation. ;-) 29 Octobre 2021 19:14
César Vonc Hello, if you download the new Vonc Suite, you can find a script folder inside it, it contains scripts that can be loaded in to the Extension > Script manager. Each script will launch one selection tool directly. So you can add shortcut to these scripts or add them to your layout directly as you want. 01 Octobre 2021 20:08
Leo Hey César, thank you for the continued support, I have found like Awei below, the combined selections tool interface does mean more clicks are needed to quick access tools that used to just live in my toolbar, if there was a way to optionally separate out that would be fantastic but this is still one of my all time favourite plugins! 11 Septembre 2021 13:45
Awei Thank you, again looking forward to your optimized version 05 Septembre 2021 03:31
César Vonc No problem, I am sorry about that, I combined the selections tools into one plugin because C4D have a kind of maximum limit of installed plugins. I will check if there is a way to preset the tool you want with the custom layout. 04 Septembre 2021 19:15
Awei Hey, Pal, I left another message.After playing the latest version of the plugin, the functionality is great, but the experience can be a little unfriendly:For example I just want to choose in the plug-in part of function, can I use C4D automatic custom layouts, do I want to order, but now I can only choose the plugin on my layout, and then I want to use one of these commands, you need to call out the panel, select one of the features, click, and then application.This operation will be very troublesome, for example, in the previous version, select triangle, I directly call this single function on my layout, click the lower triangle, directly select, two steps to get there, the new version may need five steps to complete.So after a long time, I'd rather drop the feature version you've optimized to support side selection and go back to the previous version.Above my personal real experience, finally I am still very sure of the function of the plug-in, I have been inseparable from this plug-in, I hope this message will not make you unhappy. 04 Septembre 2021 15:38
Awei Cool, thanks.This is a great plugin 04 Septembre 2021 12:11
César Vonc Alternate selection now supports edge selection ! 01 Septembre 2021 13:34
César Vonc Thanks for your suggestion, it will be added before the end of the week ! 30 Août 2021 21:40
Awei Alternate selection does not support edge selection. If yes, it will be very helpful for me. Could you continue to optimize this function 29 Août 2021 16:54
César Vonc New version available ! 22 Août 2021 10:51
César Vonc Hello, yes, a new version will be out very soon and the overall developement will continue ! 05 Août 2021 15:16
Awei This is a great plug-in. My favorite is the first selection function. Sometimes the model needs to be selected. This plug-in does not currently support it. Do you continue to optimize this command? Thank you 23 Juillet 2021 16:38
César Vonc Thanks very much ! 05 Mai 2021 09:27
Uzaris THis is one of the best plugin , using it for r 21 and its so easy to use and install!
highly recommended. and thank you sooo much for making this amazing plugin
05 Mai 2021 09:24
César Vonc Hello, I can&#039;t reproduce your behavior, can you please send me your file to cesar at vonc dot fr ? Thanks, 14 Mars 2021 17:38
SharpEars On the other hand, if you don&#039;t have &quot;Include Smaller Sizes&quot; checked, and you select two polygons of different sizes, no additional matching polygons (even if they exist) will get selected.

Seems like you have an issue with multiple polygon selections.
07 Mars 2021 23:38
SharpEars You have a bug with &quot;Select by Polygon Size&quot;

If you have two or more polygons selected (of different size) and you check &quot;Include Smaller Sizes&quot; , even with the default 0.5% tolerance, all polygons will get selected (even larger ones!).
07 Mars 2021 23:36
AK Thank you so much! Works great in R23. 23 Février 2021 01:41
Bispo This is awesome! And it works perfectly in R23.

Thank you!
05 Janvier 2021 17:25
Leo Thank you! 02 Décembre 2020 18:40
Aladdin thank you so much , it was very useful
21 Novembre 2020 23:17
levi Thank you Vonc very very much ! 06 Novembre 2020 05:38
James Pageau Thanks for the r23 update. This is a set of tools I just can&#039;t live without. 21 Septembre 2020 03:14
César Vonc Hello, it&#039;s now compatible R23. 19 Septembre 2020 12:50
lev Hi there !
Are you planning to update this plugin for R23 ? Im sure many of us would willing to pay for this tool as its excellent for modeling. In some cases its just a must to have it.
17 Septembre 2020 06:32
PG Vraiment bien!
se serait top davoir les memes option pour les edges (alternative)
16 Septembre 2020 15:46
Leo @César Do you think you might have moment to see if its&#039; possible to port these into R22? I miss these tools greatly! 25 Août 2020 13:07
3dworks 1 :-) 12 Août 2020 22:40
Leo Hello! This is an amazing tool, sadly it does not seem to show up in R22, [i used to use it in R21 with no issue] I wondered if there was anything i could do to make it work again? Thank you 07 Juillet 2020 20:55
César Vonc Thank you, it&#039;s really pleasant to know ! 09 Avril 2020 11:32
Patrick S Hello César, I&#039;m here to send the sincere appreciation from me and my colleagues! What an excellent delicate tool set! It helps a lot.Thanks for your brilliant work and spirti of shareing. 09 Avril 2020 11:07
Erwin merci César pour cette collection d&#039;outils 04 Octobre 2019 12:13
César Vonc Hello, sorry it&#039;s not planned. Scripts and plugins don&#039;t have same features, for exemples you can&#039;t make non-modal dialog with a script, only with a plugin. It&#039;s why I don&#039;t updated the script anymore. 18 Juillet 2019 12:36
soyv4 Good afternoon, sorry for bad English, please tell me, since I exclusively use only Sélectionner les éléments alternativement, is it possible for you to ask the script of this particular tool? Thanks for the answer . 14 Juillet 2019 19:39
César Vonc Salut, merci ! Oui en effet, c&#039;est une idée intéressante. Tu peux m&#039;envoyer un exemple par mail y a pas de souci. :-) 09 Mars 2019 08:53
Desmarches Bonjour César, super programmation (comme d&#039;habitude ;-)
J&#039;ai une question un peu technique : sur un ensemble polygonal complexe, j&#039;ai des polygones &quot;à l&#039;endroit&quot; et des polygones inversés &quot;à l&#039;envers&quot;. Est-ce qu&#039;avec ton plug selection supplétive je pourrais ne sélectionner que des polygones &quot;à l&#039;endroit&quot; ou que des polygones &quot;à l&#039;envers&quot;. Une sorte de fonction &quot;aligner les normales&quot; sur un ensemble polygonal non hétérogènes car non connectés. J&#039;ai testé ta fonction de sélectionner les polygones de même orientation, mais je n&#039;y arrive pas. Je peux t&#039;envoyer un exemple en MP si tu veux ? Fabrice Escalier
07 Mars 2019 10:25
César Vonc Compatible R20 11 Septembre 2018 21:24
César Vonc Salut, oui j'ai beaucoup de remontées de bug, apparemment plus rien ne marche correctement sur la R20. Je m'en occupe dès que je l'ai. : p 03 Septembre 2018 19:20
Robotnik Oups désolé c&#039;est du tchèque ;-) et j&#039;ai trouvé la solution il suffit d&#039;enlever le répertoire string cz.
Bonne journée.
Pappaert Philippe
03 Septembre 2018 18:17
Robotnik Hello

Je viens d&#039;installer la R20 et votre plug-in sélection supplétive. L&#039;interface du programme est en Français mais le plug-in est apparemment passé en polonais ;-)
Bien à vous.
Pappaert Philippe
03 Septembre 2018 18:13
César Vonc No, impossible. 11 Novembre 2015 09:45
decyce Great!
Is there a way to make this work on a procedural objects like cloner?
11 Novembre 2015 01:44
César Vonc Salut Douwe,

Oui, bonne idée !

I will see how I can implement that in the next verszion, the Shift key holded would be nice to add to the current selection if we want. Thanks for the suggestion !

The Triangle and Quadrangle selection have also an other little problem that I have to fix : they select triangle quad quadrangle of n-gons. That they sould not.
12 Septembre 2014 10:42
douwe Hey Cesar, once again : amazing work you've been doing with all these tools.

Simple remark about the "Sélections Supplétives".
It would be fantastic, when you switch between Select Triangles, Quadrangles, and N-Gons, if the existing selection would first get cleared before making the new one.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that functionality is not implemented yet.
Now the selections are added to each other, as if the user was using SHIFT. So, it always takes an annoying manual deselect action between each step if the user only wants one specific type to be selected.. That could so easily be fixed and make the workflow much more consistent with the rest of the selection tools in C4D.

Quelque chose à considérer pour 1.9 ?

Keep up the great work !
I'm a big fan,
11 Septembre 2014 16:51
Alfamasters Thanks, renaming of the folder helped 18 Juin 2014 22:56
César Vonc Hello Alfamasters,

It's very weird, I have never seen this kind of bug before. You can try to rename the folder « Sélection Supplétive » inside the vonc_selsup folder by anything else, maybe it's because of the specials characters of it (the « é » look like « B » on your computer, maybe C4D don't interpret it well at the next run).

If it still don't work, can you show me what there is in the Script > Console window ? It might show the error if there is one.
18 Juin 2014 22:45
Alfamasters Hi, I have a problem when loading plug-in, at primary start of C4D the plug-in is present at the list, but at secondary start of the program it is absent, in what the reason? VIDEO and Thanks 18 Juin 2014 22:30
JCBug Excellent ! Bravo pour la programmation et l'idée, cela fonctionne vraiment bien. Merci !!! 13 Mai 2014 15:42
Sansalvador "César
À faire : corriger la sélection alternative avec les points, ajouter la gestion des arêtes."

"Merci Sansalvador d'avoir mit le nez dedans et de m'avoir ouvert les yeux sur ce produit que je croyais abouti , t'es la meilleure !! "

oh mais de rien César , ce fut un plaisir ^^
11 Mai 2014 13:28
César Vonc À faire : corriger la sélection alternative avec les points, ajouter la gestion des arêtes. 06 Mai 2014 20:15
Argon Superbe outil, merci pour le partage ! 09 Octobre 2013 18:34